Nuova Simat Family is always expanding. We have almost doubled in 10 years and we look forward to keep growing. As in every company, we work into separate departments, each with its main task, but we interact with colleagues from other departments on many occasions on a daily basis, each one has his own task and we are all part of a bigger picture.

We spend a large part of our lives at work and we know how important it could be to do the job with passion, surrounded by people with whom we have good dialogue, good relationship and who, if necessary, can lighten the daily workload. It is no mystery that working in an environment on a human scale, in which the Person matters, makes the passing of hours more pleasant, and in Nuova Simat we actively commit to be serious but not serious, to make a group not only by words and to strengthen relationships between colleagues by creating opportunities for meeting and sharing, experiences to be enjoyed as a team to have fun and grow at the same time.

In the working week, one hour is always dedicated to indoor training with a company coach, even if for many years now the practice of outdoor team building has also been introduced, corporate events that we organize at least twice a year, with the aim of sharing hours. carefree doing activities together.
We tried a little bit of everything: adventure climbing, the thrill of adrenaline with rafting, suspended routes in adventure parks, patience and precision in the kitchen while preparing a delicious dessert, logic and intuition to get out of an escape room, the race in the mud and an obstacle course by participating as a team in a mud race, and much more.
These occasions have served us and will help us to ease the tension and to discover our colleagues, often these activities have had spontaneous continuations in smaller groups, and we continue to see each other in our free time, also choosing us as friends and not just as colleagues.

We are marathon runners, cyclists, mushroom hunters, designers, sailors, two-wheel enthusiasts, lovers of good food, photographers, curious people who willingly let themselves be carried away by always putting themselves to the test.
One thing is certain: we do not hold back and are always ready for new challenges.

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