Flange Facing

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The most common types of flanges are RF (Raised face) flanges with phonographic groove, RTJ (Ring Type Joint) with trapezoidal section circular groove, flat flanges (with several finishing of surface), flange with groove for O-Ring and so on. In each type mentioned above, a particular mechanical machining of levelling and profiling of sealing area is required to assure the performance of proper gasket. The flange facing machines are designed to achieve the best result in terms of quality of surfaces and gain of time to repair a damaged flange connected to its pipe.

Working Range.

Up to Ø3000 (120 inches) in facing mode with internal clamping machine. Available any kind of phonographic groove according ASME Standards.


  • Available external clamping machine to work on flange with central hole not accessible.
  • Possibility of orbital milling for flat smooth surface flanges and several profiles required.
  • Machines equipped by boring tool post up to 100mm of axial machining.
  • Available customization for anchoring/machining by dedicated tooling for over range or special condition.

Example on On-Site Flange Facing Operation.

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Flange Facing