Portable grinding and lapping machine


Portable machine for high-speed grinding of hard sealing surfaces (≥ 35HRC) in high-pressure gate valves and wedges of various design. Fitted with SLA series planetary gears for use with driven GSS grinding spindles. Time saving up to 90%!
Available as option for retrofitting to existing SL machines. Drive: electric or pneumatic. Availability of several accessories and consumables.
Machining range: DN 175–600mm (7”-24”)

Macchina per la smerigliatura e la lappatura di sedi di tenuta di valvole industriali

Portable grinding and lapping machine


Portable grinding and lapping machine with eccentricity for the machining of sealing surfaces in safety valves of DN 15-300mm (½“-12“). In these machines the grinding movement is overlaid by an additional eccentric movement. This results in an absolutely flat sealing surface. Suitable for use on-site and in the workshop.

Lappatrice e Smerigliatrice per valvole di sicurezza

Portable grinding and lapping machine


High-speed precision grinding machine for the machining of build-up welding, sealing surfaces, conical surfaces and bores in valves, cylinders, pump housings and flanges of DN 20-1500mm (¾”-59”).

This product is available for: rent on-site service sale

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