Drilling and Tapping

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We perform drilling and tapping of new holes and drilling and tapping of existing holes that need to be enlarged for repair, or other design needs. Holes can be machined by conventional drilling and tapping units, or by boring units, depending on size and type of result to be achieved.

Working Range.

Up to Ø150 drilling (6 inches) and Ø185 (7.¼ inches) tapping in any position. Available oversize by boring and any type of thread by NC portable machine.

Special Add-ons and Customization.

  • Another peculiarity of the drilling is the possibility to perform them in any position and orientation, with reference to the surfaces defined by the project.
  • In order to reach the highest performance, we apply a laser tracker measurement system to check position of hole center and carry out relevant punching/marking.
  • Drilling Masks.
  • Available solutions to face long distance between machine and surface, or over size.

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Drilling and Tapping