Drilling and Tapping

Creation or Modify of non- or -existent bores.


We perform drilling and tapping of non-innovative holes, and drilling and tapping of existing holes that need to be enlarged for repair, or factual design needs.

Add-on| Drilling Masks.

Another peculiarity of the holes and the masks is the possibility to perform them in any position and orientation, with reference to the surfaces defined by the project.

Working Range.

Up to Ø150 (6 inches) in any position.


Available to face long distance between machine and surface, or over size.


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Creazione o Modifica di Fori su materiali metallici

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ISO Certifications

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Is it not a standard project? ⓘ

In order to create customized solutions it is possible to design a special project or re-engineering standard machines so as to let them fit the special application.

Customized Solutions

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