Milling Machining

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We are first users of a wide range of portable milling machine, to restore several kinds of surface or kinds of groove. Milling can be performed in2 type: liner, by milling rails and orbital, by facing unit equipped by milling drive

Working Range.

Linear: up to 6000mm in continuous milling Orbital: up to Ø3000

Special Add-ons and Customization.

  • In order to reach the highest performance, it is possible to apply a laser tracker measurement system to check the flatness (or other tolerances) preliminarily, during and after the milling process.
  • Available gantry configuration for square milling.
  • Any application, which covers longer distances or special profiles, or other particular conditions, can be analysed by our R&D Dpt. for a feasibility check.
  • Available anchor system suitable for Customer project requirement.

Example of an On-Site Milling Operation.

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Milling Machining