Bolt Heater for Steam Turbine

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Helios 35+ is a portable induction heating system designed to perform bolting and shrink fitting operations saving up to the 80% of time with respect to traditional methods (such as electrical resistances, open flames etc.) operating in total safety!  
Available in 4.0 smart version as well!


For large size bolts / studs removal and installation on gas turbines casings, steam turbines, and other static vessel applications such as heat exchangers. Suitable for hole sizes starting from Ø 9mm up to more than 32mm, and lengths up to more than 1500mm


Ring-shaped inductors (or customized ones) are also available for our Helios 35+ to perform shrink fitting or disassembly operations on any cylindrical component (such as bushings, flanges, bearings, gears, etc.) up to diameters of Ø 600mm and beyond.

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