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The classic on-site boring, unlike the one performed with a stationary lathe, is performed by tool post rotating around the damaged part to be machined. Boring units are available in several type, to be applied according to technical details of part to be machined and result required. Boring aim is to perform one or more boring process in same machine placing, which results in perfectly aligned (bearing seats, other surfaces in general).

Working Range.

Available machine size: up to Ø1800 by line boring models; length extensible by connectable bars (over 10 meters); up to Ø800 by cantilever bar models

Special Add-ons and customization

  • Available Numerical Control boring unit to generate complex profiles (toroidal and conical shape, any type theads, RTJ grooves, …) and G-code programming.
  • Possibility to carry out semi-automatic cylindrical welding overlay.
  • Possibility to carry out facing of shoulder surfaces.
  • In order to reach the highest performance, we apply a laser tracker measurement system to check the planarity preliminarily, during and after the milling process.

Example of Machining.

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