Milling machines

Milling rails


The MR range of milling rails are built for rigidity and precision. Each machine is designed to carry out a wide range of general purpose in-situ milling applications.
MR milling rails are incredibly versatile. These precise and robust milling machines are available in 2 and 3 axis configurations, with strokes up to 3000mm (120”).

Special versions.

Availability of models in CNC version and modular gantry frames to extend the machining range up to 10m.

Technical specifications.

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Fresatrice Lineare per Metalli

Available models and accessories

  • Fresatrice per metallo portatile a 3 assi

Milling machines

Orbital milling


Orbital milling machines are designed to deliver fast material removal and achieve high accuracy across large flange diameters. The WP orbital milling range is designed especially for companies manufacturing wind turbine rotor blades and towers.

Application range.

Diameter range: 60”-315”.

Technical specifications.

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When it is not needed to buy a machine, since the frequency of operations keeps low, it is possible to consider rentals with – or without operators.

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Since we’ve been operating on site for the past 30 years we perfectly know how these portable machine tools work. Our specialized technicias are on hand to operate on site with our machines.


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