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EJ48 unit is a machine for heating and bolting of stud/tie rod by direct Joule-effect technology. Boasting an extraordinary 48kVA power, this portable machine harnesses the electrical resistivity of materials, transforming electrical energy into heat and consequently the elongation required. This process makes it suitable for all conductive materials and may be used for bolting of no-hollow stud/tie rod (induction heating not applicable) but equipped by head threaded hole to allow assembly of unit terminal plates, and for application where no standard hydraulic system (hydraulic torque wrenches, multipliers, tensioners etc.) is suitable for bolting. Possibility to carry out heating of tie rod, one by one or two simultaneously and on two stud bolts at the same time. This system enhances efficiency and saving time.  

Working range

This technology is used for bolting and unbolting of turbomachinery casings (most common application) and each kind of coupling equipped by conductive materials stud/tie rods. Size range of bolts depending on type of material and elongation required.

Special add-ons and customization

Customization available on construction of terminal copper plates, suitable for joining of stud or tie rod heads

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