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Hex Drive Torque Wrench

Hex Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrenches for Bolt Tightening Operations

The NSX series is the “go-to” wrench when standard industrial torque tools are limited by size in their ability to engage the fastener. The NSX eliminates issues around the nut, behind the nut and above the nut. On applications with extended stud protrusion, the NSX easily slips over to get the torque applied with an accuracy of +/-3%.

When to use an Hex Drive Torque Wrench?

Hydraulic hex wrenches are ideal when it comes to deal with torque bolting in confined spaces or with limited spaces available. This tool is definitely the right choice. When there is not enough space in the access areas surrounding the nut, a hydraulic wrench with reduced dimensions must be used. The accuracy of the applied torque is +/- 3%.

How do I choose the right tightening torque?

Check the following table to view the tightening torque of each model of hydraulic wrench. Each model has its own torque conversion table.

How is it powered?

The hydraulic torque wrenches are powered by two types of power units, namely by electric power units and pneumatic power units. Ask us for more information!

What are the other models of hydraulic wrenches?

In addition to hex drive hydraulic wrenches, hydraulic wrenches with square drive are also available, which require the use of sockets in order to be used. Click on the box below for more information.

Square Drive Torque Wrenches


Main Features

Patented “Peanut-Shaped” Piston.

This feature allows the cylinder and ratchet link to be the same width. Friction reducing sliders prevent wear on the piston.

Dual Independent Swivels.

The unique swivel design allows for 360 degree by 360 degree independent movement of the hoses to avoid any and all reaction points.

Hex Link Cassettes.

Each link is fitted with steel alignment pins connecting the lower reaction area for added strength.

No Drip Quick Connect Couplers.

These 3:1 rated safety couplers are designed for simple engagement. The coupler collar ensures safe operation.

Technical Specifications.

MODEL TORQUE CHART Min Torque [Nm] Max Torque [Nm] Body Weight [Kg] Link Weight [Kg] HEX A/F Min HEX A/F Max
NSX-1 download 61 759 0.5 0.45 ½” / 13mm 2” / 50mm
NSX-2 download 260 2614 1.6 1.0÷1.5 ¾” / 19mm 2 9/16” / 65mm
NSX-4 download 535 5355 2.7 2.4÷3.4 1” / 27mm 3 1/8” / 80mm
NSX-8 download 1125 11699 5.0 5.5÷6.5 1 7/8” / 49mm 4 5/8” / 120mm
NSX-16 download 2155 22503 7.3 9.5÷13.0 2 3/16” / 55mm 5 5/16” / 135mm
NSX-32 download 4365 48327 11.5 13.0÷17.9 3 1/8” / 80mm 7 7/8” / 200mm
NSX-45 download 6575 64239 13.0 13.0÷17.9 3 1/8” / 80mm 7 7/8” / 200mm



How does and hex drive torque wrench work?

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