Joule effect for tightening: EJ48 Nuova Simat

Joule effect for tightening: EJ48 Nuova Simat

The portable unit EJ48 is a portable machine for the heating of the turbine gear using the Joule effect, with the purpose of tightening (or loosening), both in construction and in maintenance.

We choose to use electricity to tightening  (or loosening) for two main reasons:

  • the immediate availability of the electricity  on the industrial site
  •  an easy technology  to convert electricity into thermal energy (heat)

Joule effect

The Joule effect, discovered and studied by physicist James Prescott Joule (England, 1818-1889), is the development of heat by a conducting part when it is crossed by electricity.

This is considered, for many applications, a dissipation (or loss) but in this case it becomes the main phenomenon, a pure peculiarity.

It can be easily verified that when a conductor is crossed by an electric current heats up (the same things that happened in a power cord of an household appliance).

Tightening and loosening with the joule effect

In the tightening (or loosening) operation, the conductor is represented by the tensioner on the turbine, which heats and lengthens (for thermal expansion).

It isso possible to rotate the die free to the extent required by the turbine designer.

Our EJ48, is a very specific machine, particularly suitable for use on turbins with Siemens license.

This machine can be used in any case where the turbine is clamped by tie rods that have a blind hole threaded on both ends of the tie rods that close the two half cages.

The threading of the threaded holes is necessary to secure the conductor plates of our EJ48 in order to provide the energy necessary for the expansion.

The EJ48 prevents the use of mechanical equipment that would need high forces, with high risk for the operators.

Nuova Simat can provide some EJ48 for rental.

Nuova Simat is also glad to provide targeted deals for the sale of machinery, in Italy and everywhere in the world, especiallycustomised solutions.

The numerous successes achieved in the service on site with this machine, which is entirely specific and rare in its kind, have allowed us to improve and to develop a nearly perfect machine for our customers.

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Joule effect for tightening: EJ48 Nuova Simat