Hydraulic wrenches: from the origins to the service on site

Hydraulic wrenches: from the origins to the service on site

Anyone who has worked in industry and plant engineering for the last 30 years, can associate the name of Domenico Zicchino to the “hydraulic wrenches.”
It was in fact him, the founder of Nuova Simat, to carry and disseminate the “hydraulic wrench” product in Italy.

Since the mid-80s Nuova Simat has never stopped to sell, repair and rent hydraulic wrenches.
Natural result after many years of experience, the choice to brand the hydraulic wrenches with our name.
This identification has always been a goal of Domenico Zicchino who left the activity to his sons only after the realization of such desire.

Today Nuova Simat has a fully stocked spare parts warehouse for hydraulic wrenches and control units.

Our offer includes:

  • Hydraulic wrenches for rent and for sale with torque ranges up to 100,000 Nm.
  • Square drive impact sockets with output sizes of all kinds.
  • Control units with electric and pneumatic motors.
  • Spare parts for repairs in the shortest time.

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Thanks to our fully equipped warehouse and our motto “always ready always present” we are in the position to provide immediate deliveries even in case of emergency.
It often happens to receive customers at our office for a “last minute” hydraulic wrench request.

At our facilities, technicians with specific experience of over 20 years ensure high quality and quick reparairs.
When the repair takes more time, we can replace the hydraulic wrench for the whole period.

As our work has a 360 degree angle of action, we can also offer calibration services with a dedicated inspection room for torque wrenches and pressure gauges (ECUs) so that we can assure the customer the certainty (and certification) of the torque value precision provided by his own wrench.

We invite you to visit us.
In our permanent showroom our hydraulic wrenches and our portable machines are on exposure, always available for demonstrations on demand.
It will be a pleasure to host you as our guests.

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Hydraulic wrenches: from the origins to the service on site