Portable Machine Tools and
Bolting Equipment for Buy or rent.

We are direct producers and resellers of portable machine tools and bolting equipment. It is possible to evaluate buying or rental of this equipment. 

It is possible to provide certified calibration and repairing service related to hydraulic wrenches. 

Would you need to know how a machine works? Let’s set up a live demo ⓘ. 

In-Situ Machining.

We perform a wide range of site machining services, among which, shaft repair, face milling, NC turning, in depth Valve Seats Repair and much more.

It doesn’t matter where the damage happens, we deal with it worldwide 24/7 in any kind of industry, even if we are specialized in Oil&Gas Industry.

Sometimes it is not possible to consider standard solutions so it is compulsory to adopt special site machining capabilities. Research and Development plays a greater role here.