Repair and certified calibration


We carefully check the equipment that is delivered to us and carry out a stress test.


Control of Mechanics and Hydraulics

We carefully disassemble mechanical parts in order to check the state of wear


Repair or Replacement

We repair all the components that are mechanically worn, while highly worn components need to be replaced.


Reassembly and Report

As soon as the quote is approved, a repair report is sent to the customer while proceeding with reassembly.


Final testing

We carry out hydraulic stress test on a special dedicate flange. We can also perform test on a torque cell and provide a calibration report (only if expressly requested)

Do you need more information? ⓘ

Please Consider contacting us through the form below, or by phone +39 0586 983108 or feel free to send us a message on Whatsapp +39 337 18 85 300.

We are available from 08:30am to 5:30pm.

Does repair cost too much? ⓘ

In case repair costs are truly high, and the tool you use is used just few times, it is possible to consider new equipment for sale or rentals.

Did you know about our showroom? ⓘ

Buying or renting a portable machine tool or bolting equipment is never a simple task. Why don’t you consider to set up a live demo in order to check how these equipment work.
Check the Live Demo page and consider testing.

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