Nuova Simat is strongly and constantly committed to promoting and consolidating the culture of health and safety towards all people in every country in which it operates, increasing awareness of the risks associated with work and promoting and encouraging responsible behavior.  

Putting Health and Safety first, for Nuova Simat means that no work can be done compromising safety. All work must be carried out 100% safely, even if this takes more time. 

Every Nuova Simat worker is responsible for his own health and safety and that of his colleagues and has the right and duty to intervene and stop any activity that he deems could seriously put them at risk, regardless of position, seniority or role. Any unsafe behavior, action, omission or situation that could potentially lead to an injury, must be promptly reported to the direct supervisor or the highest Nuova Simat representative on site to quickly take appropriate measures. 

Nuova Simat management encourages decisions of this type, by colleagues, because it always and first of all supports health and safety. The stop-work order must be applied in good faith. 

No blame or responsibility should be attributed to an employee or contractor who reports a situation at risk or applies the Stop Work Policy, even if such action subsequently proved unnecessary. 


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