Cutting and bevelling news: “DYNAPREP MDSF”: new Orbitalum Wachs model

Cutting and bevelling news: new Orbitalum Wachs  “DYNAPREP MDSF” model 

We are pleased to announce the market entry of the innovative line of ORBITALUM pipe cutters and bevellers DYNAPREP MDSF models.

The pipe-cutting and beveling unit will be presented at the new renting and technical assistance center located at Nuova Simat in Guasticce for the Orbitalum Day event, which will be held from 15th to 16th of February 2017.

The new MDSF model has been redesigned with relevant innovations that we are pleased to introduce you in expectation of your visit at our site, where you will be able to have a look at these new ORBITALUM DYNAPREP MDSF models in operating conditions in our equipped showroom.



Our customers’ needs related to cold cutting portable machines keep changing and evolving.
As market leader and innovator in the pipe cutting and beveling machines field, E.H. Wachs is always in evolution in order to meet such needs.
Simpler mounting, easier utilization and more powerful!

At the same time what made LCSFs great has been kept, that is limited thickness to guarantee the access even in the most restricted spaces, low weight and a wide range of dedicated accessories to make any operation feasible.

The innovative DYNAPREP split frame combines power and lightness at the same time.
The ancient Greeks used the word DYNA to indicate force and power.
Nowadays DynaPrep ™ MDSF has been designed to be the best in the world.
Wachs DynaPrep MDSF is available in sixteen standard models for pipes with nominal dimension from O.D. 2in to 60in (DN 50-1500);
DynaPrep MDSF can be pneumatically, hydraulically or electrically driven.

Let’s come visiting us during our next ORBITALUM DAY (15 e 16 Febbraio 2017)  and we’ll be glad to reveal you all the secrets of these fantastic new portable machines for pipe cutting and beveling.

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Cutting and bevelling news: “DYNAPREP MDSF”: new Orbitalum Wachs model