Colleague of the year

Over the past 9 years at Nuova Simat we have been playing a game: by giving us mutual feedback, we reward 3 winners, with the aim of improving ourselves and always offering the best to our colleagues and our customers.
The first edition of the “Colleague of the Year” was in 2012, on the evening of the corporate Christmas Dinner we awarded our Colleague of the Year for the first time.
Each of us had voted, by providing a reason, his three “favorite” colleagues to be able to draw up a final ranking and reward the winners.
The prizes are always chosen ad-hoc, based on the characteristics of the person who will receive them, and this too is a good reason to get to know each other and improve our dialogue skills.
End of the year is the right time for budgets and new resolutions, with a view to improvement we take a little pause for reflection to rethink the past year. What has worked perfectly? what can be improved? how can we grow and how can we contribute for the growth of the team, understood as our closest colleague.
The prize game is definitely a playful starting point to be able to celebrate, but also a way to look around and thank others for the qualities and help they offered us. It is a way to recall and treasure the positive aspects of our working group, improve communication between us by exploiting this moment.
During the year, we can take advantage of hours of training and personal growth with a specialized coach, to enhance our best and lacking features and become aware of our weaknesses. This is an excellent opportunity to develop a close-knit and cohesive work group.
Improving the working environment by making it healthy and evolving is a guarantee of personal and professional well-being, a group of people becomes a team if each member of the group is valued, can count on others and is ready to offer their hand to deal with the unexpected urgent work, which for us are daily bread.
Nuova Simat has grown over the years, and has solid foundations because it has never lost sight of the importance of the individuals, as a guarantee of the health of the entire company.
We are ready for the 10th edition of the Colleague of the year, in December 2021!

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Colleague of the year