9E Gas Turbine Case Alignment through Laser Tracker.

Alignment of a 9E Gas Turbine case.

Thanks to a laser tracking system Nuova Simat managed to quickly align large gas turbine cases and provide real time reports, data analysis and a check on the overall status of the machine.

The main purpose of our intervention was the alignment of a 9E Gas Turbine casings. All the measurements were performed by means of a laser tracking system in 5 turbine areas, namely inlet, compressor, wrapper, turbine and exhaust.

At first, entering from the exhaust area, it was possible to position the laser tracker in the turbine area, which was a compulsory step to be made for measuring both the turbine case and the adjacent bearings (2 and 3). It was possible by means of a special support, previously set in the exhaust area, designed for this specific case. In particular, this support connected a magnetic base with the laser tracker.

After positioning the change basis in the wrapper area, it was possible to move the laser tracker into the compressor area and connect it to another similar special support, without missing the alignment with the previously measured parameters.

Afterwards, it was possible to measure the spigot of the stator blades, which is a basic data for tracking the machine axis. Therefore, having acquired this new parameter, it was possible to measure either each stage of the compressor and the bearing 1 reference diameters, in inlet area.

The last step was to measure exhaust diameter after exhaust casing assembly. It was necessary to finally check the alignment to the axis line by mean of another change basis.

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9E Gas Turbine Case Alignment through Laser Tracker.