Nuova Simat Srl has been operating for over 30 years in the field of industrial maintenance, offering targeted solutions to construction site problems, with customer satisfaction, respect for the environment and the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases as the main objective. In a market context that is constantly and rapidly evolving, our Company, with the implementation of an Integrated Management System (IMS) for Gender Equality, Quality, Environment, Health & Safety and Social Responsibility, is committed to:

  • Ensure the quality of its services to meet the customer’s expectations;
  • Prevent any form of environmental pollution, reducing the use of polluting substances and company waste to a minimum and eliminating single use plastic.
  • Respect the biodiversity of the places where we work.
  • Achieve and maintain the “zero accidents” goal;
  • Achieve gender equality in all aspects

In addition to these main commitments, through the SGI, compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001, UNI ISO 45001 and PdR125:00 standards, the company leadership is further committed to:

  • Set and achieve measurable objectives to evaluate the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System;
  • Provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of occupational injuries and diseases;
  • Eliminate the dangers and reduce the risks to the health and safety of workers;
  • Promote the use of the process approach and risk based thinking at all company levels;
  • Ensure the integration of SGI requirements into company business processes;
  • Ensure the availability of the resources necessary for all business processes;
  • Reduce and, as far as possible, eliminate non-conformities with respect to the reference standards;
  • Raising the culture of quality in the people who work in the Company, making them aware of the importance of their business and actively involving them in the QAS Policy;
  • Continuously improve the performance of the SGI
    Consult and involve workers, also through their representatives, for aspects related to Health and Safety;
  • Comply with all legal requirements, including the commitments made, and obey the most rigorous internal standards regarding the Gender Equality, Environment, Health and Safety and Social Responsibility.
  • Adoption of tools to prevent any form of gender discrimination and to contrast any act detrimental to the dignity of the staff, regardless of the role held and the level of responsibility;
  • Enhance diversity in every company process: from the search and selection of human resources to access to training, from the definition of the remuneration policies to the evaluation of performance and the attribution of reward systems, from the selection of suppliers to the supply of products and services;
  • Support the family welfare of its employees through working methods that promote the conciliation between professional activity and private life;
  • Promote information, awareness-raising and staff engagement actions on the issues of equal opportunities and female empowerment, avoiding stereotypes and promoting the visibility of female contributions;
  • Promote communication, even through marketing and advertising activities, which transparently declares the desire to enhance diversity, achieve gender equality and support female empowerment;

The above is pursued methodically and consistently and with the awareness that the continuous improvement project requires a joint effort on the part of everyone. The Company Managers and all Personnel, within the scope of their competences, have direct responsibility in applying the provisions of the SGI documentation.

Date 29.01.2024

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