Conical Valve Lapping Machine

Manual machine for grinding and lapping valves with conical seat.


Portable machine for grinding conical sealing surfaces in all shut-off and control valves from DN 8 to 300mm (¼ ” – 12 ”). Thanks to its low weight it is easy to handle and quick to install (centering cone or 3-jaw chuck).

Machining range.

For standard sealing angles of 30 ° (2×15 °), 40 ° (2×20 °), 60 ° (2×30 °), 75 ° (2×37.5 °), 90 ° (2×45 °) (other angles available on request).


Electric 230/120 V, 50 / 60Hz or Pneumatic 6-7 bar


Consumable available in multiple abrasive grits and lapping pastes

Lappatrice e Smerigliatrice per valvole con sede conica

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