Linear milling on the baseplates of a lower steam turbine case

Linear milling on the baseplates of a lower steam turbine case


The customer has contacted Nuova Simat to solve a problem encountered on the supports of the lower case of a steam turbine, in the final stage of production. The two supporting bases had an excess of material of about 30mm in the contact area, to be worked over-head with a linear milling.
The urgency of the request was maximum!

Fast action

The customer has contacted Nuova Simat on late Thursday morning.
We then performed, in the afternoon, an inspection to understand the feasibility. Simultaneously, a team of workers was already dedicated to the preparation of the service.
In the following 3 days, we have made the service with the hydraulic linear milling machine, so the turbine was ready on Monday morning, respecting the required urgency.


The machine employed for the removal of the excessing material was the hydraulic linear milling machine MR1000, capable of removing 1mm of material per pass, for a total of about 10kg of good quality carbon steel chips.
The machine has been mechanically anchored and hydraulically powered via dedicated ECU.

Passion and dedication

It is admirable the tenacious heart of the 4 skilled technicians of Nuova Simat who, within 3 days on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, performed the work divided on two daily shifts.
Only by employing 20 hours per day of continuous cutting with the hydraulic linear milling machine and with unceasing application, it has been possible to meet the urgent schedule.



An important aspect here is teamwork and Nuova Simat met this challenge. As described, all those involved have worked in synergy with each other and with the client to ensure maximum effectiveness.


The surface realized with the hydraulic linear milling machine, in compliance with the tolerance of 0.1mm flatness compared to the turbine mid-plane, has been accepted by the customer.
The client could therefore continue with its production schedules minimizing the impact of the problem.


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Linear milling on the baseplates of a lower steam turbine case