Lapping machine for sealing parts of ball valves EFCO Rotago



On the market a new stationary machine for simultaneously lapping all the sealing parts (ball and sealing rings), which are typical of ball valves. This machine has been designed to outstandingly finish the surface of medium and small-sized balls and it is ideal for a great range of ball valves, whose parts quality and shape play a fundamental role.



The main advantage is the simultaneous lapping of the ball and the sealing rings to be restored. Since the sealing parts are worked simultaneously, there’s no risk that the coupling won’t work, ensuring a perfect sealing and guaranteeing no leakage. Apart from the high precision, time saving is huge since you don’t have to work the sealing parts manually, which translates in reduced setting time too.




Another remarkable feature is the structure of the machine itself. Its equipped with 3 rotation shafts, of which it is possible to constantly control the rotation speed thanks to a computerized system. The latter makes it possible to control the flow of the lubricant needed to perform the lapping of the sealing parts.




Talking about numbers, Rotago is apt to perform lapping of all the sealing parts found on medium and small size ball valves.
Rotago can be used for balls whose diameter ranges:

  • from 50 [mm] to 300 [mm] (2” – 11.8”);
  • weight up to 100 [kg].

As previously said, it’s possible to control and regulate the speed of rotation of the 3 rotating shafts:

  • the main shaft, namely the one on which the ball is fixed, rotates at a speed ranging from 3 to 60 RPM;
  • whereas the other two shafts rotate at a speed ranging from 3 to 80 RPM.

In order to properly work the whole surface of the ball, Rotago is equipped with a clever pendulum system, which makes it possible for the 2 lateral shafts to oscillate while rotating, at a speed ranging from 3 to 30 RPM. The eccentric stroke varies from 0 [mm] to 60 [mm] (0” – 2.4”).


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Lapping machine for sealing parts of ball valves EFCO Rotago