Boring of calibrated joints for power transmission

Boring of calibrated joints for power transmission


As well known, calibrated joints for power transmission have the peculiarity of transmitting the torque acting on the precision of the bolted coupling.
Therefor it is not necessary a high tightening torque, but a precise fitting between the holes of the two halves of the joint and each rod.
This way, using a boring machine, the transmission is ensured by the shear stress on the rods.

Essential element

The precision of the realization of the holes in the two halves of the joint is extremely important.
Each pair of holes has to be concentric, with same bore dimension and lapped surfaces. The only way to realize such operation is to execute it on the coupled joint.


On site machining. the machine is anchored to the joint halves with a special equipment.
The holes, after the boring process, are lapped with abrasive stones driven by a pneumatic motor in order to obtain the required surface finishing.


The realized surfaces will have a truly high surface finishing (low Ra value). The holes will have limited tolerances on concentricity and bores, even down to one hundredth of a millimeter.

Focus on the machines

Nuova Simat owns boring machines of different sizes, equipped for the machining of calibrated joints. Each machine has different boring ranges and mounting volumes.
Our teams perform boring of calibrated joints on site: portable machines are often the right solution for service on site, with quick handling all over the world.

Special case

There are machines for energy production that have a restricted room between the joint and the bulkhead next to the machine itself (turbine, generator, gear unit). In this case, the solution is a boring machine with a static rod and a tool with axial movement.
Such boring machine can be mounted even if the clearance between bulkhead and joint is less than 500mm.


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Boring of calibrated joints for power transmission