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induction heating system

About this machine.

This system allows to perform heating applications on ferromagnetic components reducing overall process time by 80%.

Helios-35, can be applied according to specific applications and differently from other bolt induction heating systems, it is an all-in-one machine, it means it doesn’t need external cooling system.

Precision is the key. Its structure has been designed to be reliable and avoid any casual movement while machining.

Fields of Application.

It can be applied whenever heating power is needed, but it is largely applied in turbo-machinery for tightening and loosening bolts on turbine casing during overhauling.

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Induction Heating Equipment for Turbine Casings


The most common use of Helios-35 consists in heating up the hollow bolts of turbine casing or valves, through a straight inductor which generates the magnetic field inside the bolt hole.


Our induction heater Helios 35, when equipped with ring-shaped inductors, can heat up any cylindrical surface, such as seized nuts for their quick removal.

machine features


The heating power of our magnetic induction machine is remarkable and allows to heat ferromagnetic components reducing overall process time by 80%. An outstanding result considering how slow and risky the old and obsolete electrical resistances/free flame heating methods were.


Differently from other bolt induction heating machines, Helios-35 is an all-in-one system. Apart from being really compact in dimensions, it doesn’t’ need additional cooling systems or external water sources! It simply relies on an internal cooling system, which guarantees long hours of continuous functioning.


With this option you can benefit from the advantages of our special Technical Assistance Service (T.A.S.) including:
• Real-Time Technical Support
• Periodic Functioning Reports
• Maintenance Discounts


Allows to download/upload configurations, save the operating data and send them to our technical assistance service for analysis.


This unique induction heater
has been patented by Nuova Simat S.r.l.


Given the diversity of inductors, which are custom built, this machine is equipped with a power control system so as to guarantee that each inductor can always work at its maximum efficiency.

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