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Turbine Services

Case Opening

Bolt Tightening/Loosening through induction heating system

Machining Services

Milling of Case-Contact Surfaces
Bearings Seats Restoring by Site Boring Machining
Stud Removal by Spark Erosion (EDM)
Power Coupling Removal

Turbine Alignment

Turbine Alignment through Laser Tracker

Heat Exchanger Services

Flange Facing

Application of portable flange facers till 3000mm in diameter

Tightening/Loosening Services

through Hydraulic Torque Wrenches
through Hydraulic Tensioners

Stud removal

Mechanical destruction trough drilling
Destruction trough Spark Erosion

Valve Maintenance

In-Dept Machining

Application of a NC Lathe Machining for in dept machining of Control Valves 

Lapping and Grinding

Gate Valves Machining
Safety Valves Machining
Conical Seats Processing
Flat Surfaces Processing

our services

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All the Site Machining Services are Performed by Nuova Simat S.r.l.

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