Induction Heating for the industry

A machine for Induction Heating for The Industry

Main Applications

Turbine Casing Opening eased out with induction heating.

The most common use of Helios 35 consists in heating up the hollow bolts of turbine casing or valves, through a straight inductor which generates the magnetic field inside the bolt hole.

Induction Heating for the Industry

Induction Heating Suitable for Shrink Fits and More.

When equipped with these inductors, Helios 35 can heat up any cylindrical surface, such as seized nuts for their quick removal.

Induction Bolt Heating on a Common bolt

Avoid Obsolete Methods!

A faster and safer heating method for the industry.

Save up to the 80% of heating time with respect to open flames or electrical heaters!

Avoid the risk of burn hazard or electric shocks due to the use of old traditional methods.

πŸ›ˆ Case Study Operation on a Steam Turbine Case
  • Bolt Quantity: 44
  • Bolt Size: M64 X L=500 mm

Nuova Simat Induction Heating

Faster and Safer Operation. 80% Faster
  • Faster Operations
    2-3 Minutes par Bolt
  • Faster Overall Process Duration
    6 Hours
  • Lower Case Temperature
    No subject to significant Heating
  • Easy Nut Rotations
    70% of Rotation in 1 Minute with bare hands
  • No Risks for Safety
    Nut could be loosened with bare hands

Standard Methods

Risky and Slower Operations
  • Slower Operations
    50-60 Minutes par Bolt
  • Slower Overall Process Duration
    3 workshifts - 2 Operators
  • Higher Case Temperature
    Case Expansion Risk (due to slower heating)
  • Painwhothy Nut Rotation
    Heavy Hammering is Needed
  • Risk for Safety and Stop-Work
    Risk of Burn and/or Electric Schock

Add-ons and Perks

How does Induction Heating serve the industry?

πŸ›ˆ Please remember to always use DPIs to protect you and people near you. Footage is demonstrative.

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