Modular Milling Machine

About This Machine

Our R&D Department managed to design and assemble this technical solution to create unique equipment to satisfy the demand for portable milling machines for site operation. This one is modular, it can adapt to longer distances.

Flatness Restoration

This portable machine tool has been designed to be directly applied on site for flattening metallic surfaces. Its clamping system allows it to be mounted on any kind of support.

Solves Mechanical Issues Everywhere

This technology can be applied in every industry, where flat elements must keep a certain geometry and tolerance. From Oil&Gas to Steel Mills and Petrochemical Plants, just to mention a few.

top features

Performance and Reliability

The equipment that we have conceived, is positioned at a higher level with respect to other milling units available on the market, both in terms of performance and reliability, having the ability to adapt to any particular technical necessity.

Modular Lenghts

The main advantage of this equipment is its complete flexibility of use, embracing a much higher dimensional range starting from 1.5m, covered by a single milling module, which can be theoretically multiplied with no limits up to infinity.

Steadiness and Precision

Our R&D Dpt. had to pay particular attention to the connection between the milling modules as this is the critical junction point. We designed a rigid structure, which erases any vibration or bending risk, ensuring a great surface finish result on unlimited lengths.

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