Power Coupling Boring Machine

About This Machine

Our BS060 is a portable line-boring-machine especially designed for precise re-machining of coupling holes in turbine or generator shaft couplings. Unlike common boring machines, our BS060 allows the operators to easily setup and work in low clearance spaces.

A solution for Power Coupling

Power couplings are a critical part of a rotating machine. Coupling flange joint is achieved by calibrated bolts working on shear stress. For this reason, it is important to perform the in-line boring of both flanges’ holes, in order to get An outstanding result in terms of diameter precision and roughness.

Suits Low Clearance Conditions

There is a single motorization which automatically drives both the rotation of the bar and the feed of the tool, unlike other products available on the market. Such compact layout allows to bore even in extremely low clearance conditions, as it frequently happens in rotating machinery.

top features

Electronic Control System

Our standard unit covers a range from 80mm up to 200mm thanks to special extensions. It is also equipped with a cutting-edge control system on the electric motor which ensures an easy and precise speed regulation, besides providing several real-time data on the status of the machining process

Adaptive Working Ranges

Moreover, our BS060 can be fully adjusted both in terms of bar length and mounting supports which can be adjusted radially and mounted on the existing holes of the flange. This way it guarantees to perform an extremely high precision machining.

Tailored Machining Tool

Our Research and Development department would be fully available to customize any size of coupling bore machine to work even bigger diameters in accordance to the dimension of your application. Please feel free to get in touch with us when you have a “mission impossible” to perform!

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