Tightening magnetic induction and small diameter inductor

ightening by magnetic induction and small diameter inductor


The tightening of bolts of large machines is one of the critical points in the construction and maintenance of large equipment for energy production. It is a critical point for the great forces involved, the necessary time and the engagement of resources that could be devoted to other operations. Particularly interesting are also the small diameter fasteners that have a very small hole for the inductor.


The tightening of a tie rod requires essentially to apply a given elongation, through an axial force applied directly or indirectly.
Directly, in a cold way, is applied by hydraulic tensioners. In an indirect way, always coldly, it can be applied with the hydraulic wrenches.
Still in an indirect way, but in a hot way, you can get an elongation by thermal expansion. In this case, the magnetic inductionconsists in the possibility of transferring large amounts of energy in a short time, through a magnetic field generated by our machine Kera30.1.
On the smaller bolts, forces are less intense but the problem and the solution remains the same.

The solution

Nuova Simat’s Kera30.1 is the answer to this need!
How does it work? It emits a magnetic field for induction that invests the material of the tie rod in its intermediate zone free of threads. That generates eddy currents circulating in the tie rod itself and creates heat by the Joule effect.
This way, as already stated above, we can perform the tightening without using special mechanical forces.
The small diameter inductor, precisely 10mm, is designed to work on the hardware of components of small and medium dimensions, such as valves, manifolds and small flanges.
This one is water-cooled as well and can be fitted onto our machine Kera30.1 without any adapter.



The clamping times are considerably reduced . There is no need of a preparatory stage, in a few minutes it is ready to operate.
It offers maximum safety for the operators, who will have to work with an equipment that is not affected by the temperature.


Kera30.1 with the magnetic induction systems and the small diameter inductor, are available for salerental and service-on-site with our operator.
In addition, at the Nuova Simat, the equipment is always available for demonstrations in our show room.

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