Solutions Room

Nuova Simat pays close attention to the individuals and to the personal growth of the collaborators, to enhance the qualities of each one with the aim of training an increasingly performing and optimized work group.
To focus on personal growth and teamwork, we exploit one hour of training every week, with a specialized coach, who has been following us since 2015.
In addition to the possibility of working in a group by engaging in various activities (culture of feedback, causation, communication skills, stress management), we got the opportunity to take advantage of a space, in which to gather ideas and stop the frenzy of the daily work rhythm.

In the company, the solution room has a multifaceted function and allows a series of activities.
On request, one-to-one meetings with the trainer are held in the Solution Room, but it can also be a relaxed meeting place to tackle a work problem in an environment that is a little less formal than that of a meeting room.
The solution room is the place for reflection, it offers the possibility to suspend a moment in time to recharge and restart with new energy.
Entering the solution room we find a large painting that represents a landscape, a large window, a table with a box that contains a selection of tea bags and herbal teas, a table lamp, a bookcase that contains books proposed by us or purchased on suggestion, an eReader for consulting technical magazines or thematic books.
Two comfortable armchairs, a few pillows, a comfortable space.

We almost always work in situations that require prompt response and speed of execution to solve our customers’ problems. To be competitive in urgency, we know we have to manage stress and value time, so that we can be lucid and rational when we have little available to make important decisions.
We believe it is important, once again, to take care of your well-being in order to always offer the best version of ourselves, very often great ideas and great solutions can come to mind in the most unexpected moments but it is nice to have a space where you can afford to stay listening.

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Solutions Room
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