Moulding Press Activities

Moulding press planarity restoration.


Moulding presses (or similar industrial equipment) are subject to the following issues due to mechanical stress. For this reason some of the components of moulding presses need repair for over-stressing activities, which jeopardize their overall efficiency.

  1. Inclined surfaces
    Milling of flat surfaces arranged in direction other than bubble level.
  2. Deep damages
    Milling of surface to remove damages by milling of minimum allowance.
  3. Deformation
    Milling of surface to restore flatness required.
  4. Cylindrical surfaces
    Repair by boring machine of nut screw seat (e.g on friction screw press) and similar surfaces.

Working Range.

There is no limit to the possibilities of restoring moulding presses surfaces.


Available for anchoring and support of activities by Laser Tracker tolerance check.

Lavorazione meccanica di piani presse

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Moulding Press Activities
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