Rotor with flaws: turning of rotor mounted on a machine

Turning of rotor mounted on a machine


It is a very frequent problem to have flaws on the power generation of machines rotors, due to manufacturing defects, or accidents during operation.

The occurrence of these problems always leads to a considerable loss of time, and therefore money due to downtime, and repair of the rotor.


The intermediate components of rotors that can have flaws can be:  bearing housings, both cylindrical and linear, nominal rim seats of other mechanical tools, probes tracks, brushes friction paths, etc.

The type of defect can be identified in a roundness (eccentricity), surface scratches, chokes, localized or diffused erosion, etc.


Standard procedurestornitura montanti

Following the standard procedure, for repairing a rotor is necessary to

  • open the entire machine
  • remove the rotor
  • organize the transport in a qualified workshop
  • carry out the necessary machining processes
  • return the rotor in place 
  • reassemble it in the car

All of that in order to obtain a turning and/or grinding process on the surfaces affected by the problem.

When the damage is too extended, it’s necessary even the replacement of the damaged rotor.

Areas of interest

This requirement can occur on rotors of steam turbines, or gas ones, compressors, generators, electric motors, pumps, etc.

For each of these machines, the focal point is time, it’s important to guarantee the operation as soon as possible.

Innovative technology

Nuova Simat has developed a system of turning and grinding on site that allows to perform the processing directly on the rotorin its rotation seat.

The special equipment is constituted by a motorized turret with very precise advancements and lenses, which can have a turning head with single-point tool, or a grinding head with a very fine grain grinding wheel.

The rotor can rotate in its seat, with a relatively low speed.


With this procedure, you can have very good results, both in macroscopic terms (circularity, concentricity, etc.), that microscopic ones.
The surface roughness can reach values that could be similar to the results of a lapping procedure.

We are able to put into service a rotor within a few days, including the equipment set-up for the specific case, with an almost immediate availability for the mobilization towards the site of operation.

Contact our technical department for any customised request, we’ll be ready to find the right solution for you.

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Rotor with flaws: turning of rotor mounted on a machine
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