Purchasing solutions: portable machines for rent

Purchasing solutions: portable machines for rent

In these days of particular commitment, we can find really interesting solutions in rental, in order to manage our investments and reduce the purchase of new machineries.
Improve our companies, means thinking ahead.
Talking about investments or about renewal of machineries is often synonimous of a huge expense, which has of course an immediate impact on the economical situation of any company and on the normal monthly financial flow.
It’s necessary to find new tools that minimize the impact of one-off expense.
Considering all these needs, if the purchase of new machineries would be too expensive, we can offer many solutions.
We can offer a wide range of portable machines for rent.
We can easily send them in any place you need, using the means of trasport that offer the best solution.
The good news of renting a portable machine instead of buying it, consists in having the chance to choose any time a new machine.
If you don’t need to use the same machine frequently, rental is the right solution for you, so you can always have the last model.
What’s more, we rent our machines after having them checked perfectly by our technicians.

Portable machines at 360°: 

As you can see rental is a very interesting and easily usable proposal.
We are happy to inform you Nuova Simat has a well equipped warehouse.
We can offer 
portable machines

All our portable machines are available for demonstration in our showroom. 
We can also organize training courses with our skilled technicians, in order to show how the machineries work and to teach your technicians to use them.
Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have any further needs.
We’ll be glad to help you finding the best solution to fit your needs 



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