Project co-financed under Tuscany POR CreO FESR 2014-2020

“INNOVA” – ICT DEVELOPEMENTprogetto sviluppo impresa

Project co-financed under Tuscany
POR CreO FESR 2014-2020


Objectives of “INNOVA” project

The main objective of the project is to create a synergy between the existing and unused IT systems, the organizational processes designed and the new and customized requests that emerge from customers, also integrating the demands of the workers with the investment opportunities.
The synergy of these activities will enable you to create in Nuova Simat S.r.l. an automated information system.

Obtained results

  • Innovation of application type: introduction of no. 2 management systems, a business management CRM, and a production management ERP.
  • Methodological innovation: implementation of procedures for improving company efficiency and efficiency.
  • Technological innovation: Creating an R & D area with the activation of a new, technologically advanced project.


progetto sviluppo impresaprogetto toscana

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