Portable Machine for high-speed grinding of sealing surfaces

Portable Machine for high-speed grinding of sealing surfaces


EFCO HSL is a portable machine designed for restoring valve sealing surfaces, which is ideal for grinding and lapping gate valves seats.

The EFCO HSL is a versatile machine: in addition to grinding and lapping, it could be used for a number of different operations. Among the features that make EFCO HSL an ideal partner there’s its rotating speed, which translates into a huge save of time.

Comparing HSL to older models, it allows to save up to 90% of time. Moreover, it is composed by several modules that allow this tool to be adaptive to a range of nominal diameters. It is equipped with an arm on which is mounted a gear. The latter transmits its movement to a planet disc on which are mounted mechanically driven spindles, whose rotation speed is truly notable.



Hence, HSL is designed to redefine the standards of the restoring operations applicable to several valve seats types, thanks to its innovative simultaneous rotating system. As a matter of fact, the planet disc slowly rotates at its own speed while the grinding spindles rotate at a very fast pace. It has been demonstrated that the grinding speed reaches up to 21 m/s (826 “/s) guaranteeing a removal rate of 2 mm/h (0.08 “/h).

All given, this high rotating speed has not to be meant as a compromise on final result quality. All of this is possible thanks to two other characteristics, namely a very steady clamping system and a special coating concerning the mechanically driven grinding spindles, that are coated with super-hard cubic boron nitride (CBN), which is ideal for operating on metallic materials. All given, the high toughness of CBN combined with a simultaneous rotating system, firmly clamped to the valve ensures excellent results.



EFCO HSL high-speed grinding and lapping portable tool is able to cover a wide range of nominal diameters thanks to its modularity. It comes in two versions, HSL-15 and HSL-2:

  • HSL-15 is ideal for nominal diameters between 125 [mm] and 400 [mm] (DN 7” – 16”);
  • HSL-2 is suitable for diameters ranging from 225 [mm] to 600 [mm] (DN 9”-24”).



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