Nuova Simat for earthmoving machines

Nuova Simat for earthmoving machines

Bsc Plus cylinder disassembly bench

The BSC Plus bench, designed and developed by Nuova Simat, is meant to disassemble earthmoving machines’ pistons and to replace them at a controlled torque, consisting thus is an indispensable equipment wherever repairs are needed.


The Nuova Simat BSC Plus bench, CE certified, is made of heavy carpentry and is able to withstand torques up to 10,000 Nm.
The bench plus BSC, thanks to the possibility of translating on rails mounted at the job’s site, is able to accommodate cylinders of any length.
The BSC Plus bench is completed by a hydraulic wrench with a torsional capacity in accordance with the requirements of the specific customer, up to 60,000 Nm and over.


Demonstrations on request

At our headquarters in Guasticce, in our showroom, BSC plus bench is always viewable. We are glad to organize demonstrations for our customers in order to explain in details the peculiarities of our equipment.
Nuova Simat has almost twenty years of experience in the supply of systems for tightening and loosening operations

  • on wheel couplings
  • on track pads
  • on roadway blocks
  • any other type of bolting usually found on excavators and earthmoving machines in general.

We are also specialized in portable boring bars, capable of performing boring and overlay welding on excavators’ eyebolts.
At our headquarters in Guasticce, in the permanent showroom we can set up the bench for real demonstrations.
We are able to provide the necessary material to fit the needs of our customers, not only for sales but also for rentalor for service-on-site with our operators.
After studying the technical case, we recommend the best ways to arrange the work.
If necessary, we can organize training courses with our specialized operators, in Italy and abroad.

About us

Among our most famous historical customers who have purchased our equipment, we can find CGT, ex Maia, Volvo, Scai Hitachi and many others.

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