Mechanical maintenance abroad: work visa requirement

Mechanical maintenance abroad: work visa requirement

On-site machining maintenance (directly to the customer’s facility) needs short-term work transfers, optimizing the waiting time for obtaining travel documentation.
Our technical office is involved in planning the on-site machining.
Our administrative office prepares bureaucratic documentation for the flight of our specialized technicians.

One of the first things to ask for quickly is the visa.
The visa is a document by which a state allows a foreign individual to enter the territory for a specific time on the basis of the purpose for which it is required.

There are many types of visa: entry requests for tourism, business, work travel, study, etc.
Usually, the visa is placed on the applicant’s passport, which must then be forwarded to the referral embassy at the time the procedure is activated.
In our case, we require visas for Business as we are dealing with Service on site, we have clients all over the world and we must always be ready to go in case a customer has some urgent issues.


The visa application procedure is different from country to country so we propose our example of a visa requirement for Pakistan.
We search through the site the country card where we have to go, in our case Pakistan.
After consulting the page about visas in Pakistan, we will ensure that the passport has a validity of at least six months, which is necessary for the visa to be applied.
Entry visa is compulsory and it is preferable to contact the Consular Offices of the country in Italy.
The consulate of Pakistan in Italy that has 2 seats one in Rome and Milan.
We confirm the need to apply for a business visa and we are informed that it takes 7 days to obtain it.


visa requestYou will need to submit:

  • Two photos
  • Tickets for a round-trip flight
  • Hotel booking 
  • Letter of invitation from the company located in Pakistan
  • The sponsorship letter of the company represented by the visa applicant
  • Visa Application Form, to download online and fill in carefully in every part

Once you’ve got all the documentation you need, the documents can be sent to the consulate, and then you can collect the visa personally after about 7 days.

Once the bureaucratic aspect of the documentation is completed, our skilled technicians are ready to leave Italy for their business trip and to start their part of the job.
Teamwork makes our team winning.

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