Research & Development
Portable machine tools from sketch to site.

From sketch to site.


Concept and Design

Assembling and Testing

Site Machining

(if needed)

These projects start from the market requests, which are increasingly demanding in terms of machining precision and finishing quality. Nuova Simat is open to develop new portable machining technologies thanks to a native R&D department. The scope of this work is to provide customers with unique tailored solutions.


Differently from a stationary machine, a portable machine tool can be applied everywhere in the world. If a component breaks up, finding a substitute can be much of a challenge. This translates into huge costs increase.


The portable machine tool has to be versatile and operate possibly in every environment. From standart context to riskier ones like ATEX Zones and similar. Versatility refers even to the possibility to work in low clearance conditions.


Apart from concept, design and assemblying we take care of repairing too. Longevity is the cornerstone of our way to desing a tailored portable machine tool.


It doesn’t matter if we consider portable machine tools or induction heating solutions. Each of these machines have to be designed taking into account operators safety.

Let’s design a solution.