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A bolt Induction Heating Machine

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Steam Turbine Case Opening – A case study

Abstract. This document describes the technical operation performed by a bolt induction heater required for the bolts located on several parts of a steam turbine. It also includes quantitative data about the main application on turbine casing, Valve Bonnet and

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“PROSSIMA” Project

NUOVA SIMAT S.R.L. Project co-financed under Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020 Action Line 1.1.2 “PROSSIMA” The main purpose is to realize a process of management, consolidation and development of the business asset concerning to Magnetic Induction applied to industrial assembly.

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After several years of activity in the field of tightening and loosening of nuts by magnetic induction on hollow and blind-hole bolts, we have reached a higher level. Although KERA 30 was an extremely effective machine, we’ve created HELIOS-35, a

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