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A bolt Induction Heating Machine

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Induction Bolt Heating on a Common bolt
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Induction Bolt Heating.

Where can this machine be used? This machine relies on magnetic induction to heat up either the core of an hollow tie rod or directly the nuts generally found on turbine casings. This process is accomplished thanks to special auto-cooling

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The Advantages of Induction Bolt Heating.

What problems does magnetic induction solve? When talking about bolting on compressors, turbines and other elements involved in high-power systems, we recommend the use of a magnetic induction heater. This magnetic induction tightening and loosening system is used for special

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Induction Heating Equipment | FAQ

Is there only one version for the HELIOS-35 Bolt Induction Heating Machine? Yes, Helios-35 is the base version of the machine. However, it is possible to equip it with optional features, which remarkably upgrade the base unit. These options are:

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