HELIOS – Induction Bolt Heating Machine

Portable induction machine usable mainly in the maintenance operations of large machines for the generation of energy, where it is necessary to tighten and release the tie rods. The machine has an innovative induction head control algorithm on board that

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Small Diameters Milling Machine

Portable milling machine for on-site milling of small surfaces. This machine, thanks to its particular mechanics, makes it possible to arrange the motor of the milling means also in a horizontal position, thus allowing to considerably reduce its vertical dimensions,

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Cage Lathe Machine


This innovative machinery allows to carry out machining without having to disassemble the shaft from the lower case of the turbine and without disassembling the power transmission flanges between the generator and the user. The particular construction mechanics adopted, which

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Portable Boring Machine

Barenatrice Portatile per ripristino di cilindri in linea

This innovative machinery is particularly suitable for carrying out precision boring on site. In fact, its special mechanical design makes it easy to move even in environments where manoeuvring spaces are limited and the objects to be worked cannot be

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