Bolt Induction Heating Test

8 Jan 2021 - Senza categoria

Induction Heating Test.

The following content is about our bolt induction heating machine, which is commonly applied on cilindrical surfaces. This machine for induction heating can exploit Linear Inductors and Ring Shaped Inductors, which are the focus of this test.

Results of the induction heating process.

The test shows that the machine can be easily se up thanks to practical color display and that is suddenly ready to operate. Starting from a temperature of 23.4°C it reaches more than 300° in just 01:46 seconds, until the temperature measurement reports ” – – – “. This means that 300°C have been overtaken.


About this bolt induction machine.

It is possible to read more about this induction bolt heating machine on the dedicate page which can be reached by clicking on this link, or it is possible to download the brochure by clicking on the button below, which better explains the features and the applications of this bolt induction heating machine.