The Advantages of Induction Bolt Heating.

What problems does magnetic induction solve?

When talking about bolting on compressors, turbines and other elements involved in high-power systems, we recommend the use of a magnetic induction heater. This magnetic induction tightening and loosening system is used for special bolting, such as those present on turbine casings. In these conditions, a high heating power is required and the safety that the linkage in play does not suffer damage to the thread.

What tightening methods does magnetic induction replace?

This system replaces the more traditional and dangerous methods of heating and resistance, which expose operators to great risks of burns and permanent damage. Operating with this magnetic induction system makes it possible to prevent hot parts from getting touched by operators. The only hot parts are some well defined segments of the tie rod that is meant to be tightened or unblocked. These lenghts are choosen together with the customer to avoid damages to the thread, a very delicate part on which to pay close attention.

How does induction heating work?

The system is based on a very simple functioning. A small all-in-one unit, equipped with an internal cooling system, generates a magnetic field through an inductor. The generated magnetic field in turn produces the heating effect. Heat is required to be able to release the linkage easily without damaging the sensitive parts involved.

How is the induction bolt heating machine made?

This tie-rod heating machine is composed of a central unit, connected to the head, to which the inductor is then connected. The latter can be linear or annular depending on the application that is requested. In particular, it is possible to build inductors of any size, so as to be able to accommodate any type of request.

The machine is equipped with a very easy-to-use control panel on which there are in particular the ignition panel and the emergency button. On the control panel there is a color display which makes the use of this machine very simple and intuitive. In fact, all the steps necessary to complete the tightening in a short time are shown.

As previously mentioned, this tie rod warming machine is supplied by an internal cooling system. A front grille makes it possible to cool the hardware components.

The real revolution of this tie rod cooling system is the possibility of having it all in one. There is no need for large external cooling systems, as the machine is already equipped with its own cooling system. The tank, in which running water is inserted, is necessary to carry out long hours of work without interruptions. Despite the intense heating effect of the machine, the inductor remains at body temperature even after several hours of use.

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The Advantages of Induction Bolt Heating.
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